A Friendly Wager

Friday, March 22, 2013

The engineers at Geo-Connections are almost exclusively, South Dakota State University grads and we have an abiding love for basketball. Brian Hayden of HeatSpring fame is a long time friend of ours and while we don't judge him for it, a University of Michigan graduate. So when the SDSU Jackrabbits made it to the dance for the second year in a row and drew Michigan for the first game of the series, we decided to make things a little interesting.

We took Michigan as a 10 point favorite in the game (sorry Jacks, just being realistic) and set terms. If the Jacks win or come within 10, Brian replaces the picture on the HeatSpring home page with one of him in an SDSU t-shirt for 2-weeks. If the Wolverines win, we will put a picture of Ryan Carda in a Michigan tee on the Geo-Connections site for 2-weeks. (There may or may not be a side bet involving a round the next time we all get together.)

The Jacks played well last night but unfortunately, the threes just weren't falling on our side and the Wolverines came out ahead 71-56. Brian... the picture is on the way.


Congratulations Brian!

Carda is now rocking a Michigan T on every page of the Geo-Connections site. The fun part for everyone else at Geo-Connections is that even though we lost the bet... we won because well, its only Carda that had to be in the photo.

4/17/2013 Carda came down from site