Low Hanging Fruit- Mainstreaming Geothermal with Simpler Pumping

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Connor Donovan from Melink GEO discusses how simplifying commercial pumping with pre-packaged pumping systems can improve individual projects and help to improve the adoption of geothermal throughout the HVAC market.

Duration: 44 minutes

About the Presenter

Connor Donovan
Melink Corporation

Connor Donovan joined Melink in 2016 to help change the world, one building at a time by assisting Melink’s growing number of clients in implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions into their commercial facilities.

At Melink, Connor assists in the project development, design, project management, and commissioning of Geothermal HVAC systems. Connor also has experience in new product development, working on the development of a patented pump station for the geothermal HVAC industry.

Connor holds a B.S. in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a minor in Engineering & Business. Connor is also an IGSHPA Accredited Installer and an Engineer in Training (EIT).