LoopLink 99.91% Available

Monday, June 11, 2012

With any online software, there is an understandable consumer fear of "What if the site goes down?". You are at the mercy of an unknown army of techninjas performing unknown and unseen feats of nerdiness you never imagined possible. The truth is, the fear is valid. That's why we started tracking our uptime stats via a nifty little site called Pingdom.

Pingdom checks whether or not our site is up from multiple places throughout the globe and then it reports issues to us when they crop up. Fortunately, we don't get many notifications and to prove it, we are publishing our LoopLink uptime statistics. You'll find, since we started using Pingdom's service, we have had an average of 99.91% uptime.

99.91% of anything is fairly respectable but we can do better... and we will. May 2012 had some snags because of complications that arose during our software update. We are working now to improve our updating procedures and as always we have our eyes out for technologies and services (like Pingdom) that can improve our response time in getting you back up and working.

Watch us improve over time by checking: LoopLink Uptime Statistics