End of Support For IE 6 & 7

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We have analyzed the usage statistics and we have made our decision... Internet Explorer Versions 6 and 7 will no longer be supported by LoopLink. This doesn't mean that LoopLink will not work in these browsers, it just means that if we break features in these browsers (which we will over time), we won't fix them. In fact, we won't even look for problems in these browsers.

We didn't make this choice arbitrarily, the graph below shows relative usage statistics by version of Internet Explorer over time.

As you can see, by the time LoopLink made it on the scene, Internet Explorer 6 was already going the way of the dodo and IE 7 was fast approaching obsolescence. Even still, we tested in both and made sure that LoopLink was at the least, usable and recognizable in these browsers.

From this point on, we will simply not test for errors in these browsers. If you are one of the very few IE7 users that log in... let Windows upgrade your computer. Your experience on the web in general will be faster and more secure.