Share With LoopLink PRO

Monday, August 3, 2015

LoopLink PRO's sharing feature makes collaborating with teammates so much faster and easier than with other ground loop design software. There is no more transferring of multiple zone or project files from person to person on jump drives, cloud storage services or email. Now you can just send an invitation to let teammates view and/or edit your projects.

How It Works

You own every project you create. From the project page you can invite anyone you want to view or edit your project. Edit access to projects is handled through a simple check in/check out system just like library books. The first teammate to open a project with permission to edit will automatically have the project checked out to them.

A project remains checked out until they check it in. Only the person with the project checked out will be able to make changes but everyone with permission to view or edit the project will be able to review it at any time. This stops teammates from stomping over each other's work.

Share With Anyone

We know that not everyone is using LoopLink PRO (yet) so, we built the system to allow you to send project sharing invitations to anyone with an email address. If they are a subscriber, we send an email and notify them directly inside of PRO. If they aren't a subscriber, we send them an email with a link to accept sharing permissions and start their trial.

If you need to get the information across to someone that doesn't need PRO for work, just send them a report. All project reports are downloaded directly to your computer in DOCx format so you can easily put them onto your own company letterhead and email them to anyone.

Track Changes

LoopLink PRO automatically logs every change made to every element in every project. This active revision history tracks who made the change, which field they modified, the previous value, the new value and the date and time of the change. So, there are no secrets between teammates and you always know who did what when.

You can learn more about LoopLink PRO features or sign up for a free one week trial of LoopLink PRO at