Things You Might Miss In LoopLink PRO’s Project List

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The key to making any program useful is to make it easy to use. Interactions like accessing projects are secondary to most of our users… and that's good. Opening projects should be an ignorable function of the user interface (UI) but to keep the UI clean and simple, we put a lot of effort into subtle capabilities of LoopLink PRO's project list that may go unnoticed if you aren’t looking for them.

The Basics

The project list is broken up into three primary areas which will change position depending on your screen size.

  1. Projects: The list of projects in the active folder or filter.
  2. Folders: Contains the search bar, fixed project filters, your folders and folders of teammates' shared projects.
  3. Notifications: Pending notifications and basic account information.


Projects are organized by most recently modified. The default view is a listing of all the projects you own.

  • Check in and check out projects directly by clicking the and icons respectively.
  • Column headings can be clicked to change or reverse sort.
  • Click the to go straight to the report generation page.


The folders panel allows you to organize and find projects quickly. This is especially handy once your project list grows.

  • Search is case insensitive so 'LoopLink PRO Is Awesome' is the same as 'looplink pro is awesome'.
  • Folder counts reflect search results.
  • Folders can be renamed. Just double click the area next to the name.
  • Folders can be deleted. Again, just double-click the area next to the name.
    • Projects in deleted folders are not deleted. They are marked as 'Unfiled'
  • Add projects to folders by drag and drop
  • Organize your folders with drag and drop
  • Access and recover your deleted projects by clicking on the trash can.


The notifications section of the page is pretty self explanatory. As you receive notifications about share requests, hourly import status etc. they will appear in your notifications list. You can handle all of the available actions on each notification directly through this panel or through the account menu (accessed by clicking your initials in the top right corner of the screen.)

You can learn more about LoopLink PRO features or sign up for a free one week trial of LoopLink PRO at