LoopLink RLC- Pick Your Pipe

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This week we introduced the ability to choose between HDPE 3608, HDPE 4710 and PEX-A for loop piping in all ground loop configurations in LoopLink RLC.

You will notice on all of your old projects, that your pipe dimensions are held and that HDPE 3608 (standard issue in residential applications) is preselected. You can modify your materials and pipe sizes on old projects and new. All HDPE pipe sizes assume DR 11 while PEX-A is always DR-9.

Switching materials will properly account for the different resistive properties of HDPE vs. PEX-A. You will notice that HDPE 3608 and HDPE 4710 perform the same thermally. That is because there isn’t a resistive difference between the two. The difference between the two is that HDPE 4710 has a higher pressure rating. For DR11 at an assumed 74°F HDPE 4710 is rated at 200psi while HDPE 3608 is rated at 160psi. Note that PEX-A is also rated at 160psi at 74°F.

A Couple Little Things

As always there were some minor corrections and tweaks that we made in this update.
  1. We now filter comparison technologies in Cost of Ownership to match those selected in Operating Cost. This issue was brought up by a user who deselected all but one comparison option in Operating Cost and was then (understandably) confused as to why they had to choose a comparison technology on the Cost of Ownership page.
  2. Trench width values were not updating correctly on screen for horizontally trenched layouts with only one available option for trench width. The calculations were not impacted by this issue. The problem was strictly visual.
  3. When adding a Hot Water system to a project, it was possible to select ‘None’ for the hot water system type. The page still showed all of the input fields for an On-Demand design so, if you weren’t paying attention, you could generate an error on save. The page will no longer allow you to input data if ‘None’ is selected as the system type.
  4. Print summary checkbox labels are now toggling correctly if you use the Select/Deselect All option.