Attention IGSHPA Members

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Geo-Connections is proud to announce that all active members of IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) are now eligible to receive 20% off LoopLink RLC and LoopLink PRO subscriptions.

LoopLink PRO already supports the discount as part of the sign up process and through your account settings. A complete integration into our LoopLink RLC billing system will take us a little bit of time to complete but we didn’t want to wait to announce this fantastic new IGSHPA member benefit. Simply let us know that you are an IGSHPA member and we will apply the discount to your account after it is verified through IGSHPA.

This new member benefit offsets IGSHPA membership dues by as much as $120 per year per Geo-Connections software. So, if you work in just residential or just commercial loopfield design, your IGSHPA membership will only cost $5.00.year. If you work in both residential and commercial ground loop design, maintaining your IGSHPA membership now earns you up to $240/year in savings... so membership pays you back $115. The discount is good for as long as your IGSHPA membership is current and will apply to new and existing accounts.

You can learn more about LoopLink PRO features or sign up for a free one week trial of LoopLink PRO at